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SAE Level 2 and SAE Level 4 platforms

e-Shuttle, ad-ready    

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Deploying autonomous vehicles as novel modes of shared transportation can fundamentally transform the entire public transport ecosystem, enabling multiple win-win outcomes:  reduction of car ownership, redefined public mobility experiences, unlocking congested city spaces, and, most importantly, improving safety for all.

Our product, the eShuttle L2+, is, by industry definition, an SAE Level 2 Autonomous Driving Product with Level 4 capable driving technology. We envision this vehicle as a stepping stone for fleet operators who ultimately target Level 4/5 AD, where self-driving functionality, accompanied by a safety driver, will begin to reshape traditional urban transport operations. This will ease passengers into new mobility paradigms, build trust with the public, and pave the way for enhanced mobility for all.

Model Overview

MODEL MK II - 200 MK II - 400 MK II - 600
Length | Width | Height [m]5.40 | 2.30 | 3.106.9 | 2.30 | 3.108.40 | 2.30 | 3.10
Curb weight | Permissible GVW [t]5.9 | 14.007.5 | 14.009.5 | 14.00
Turing radius [m]7.39.411.5
Entry height [m]0.25 - 0.300.25 - 0.300.25 - 0.30
Norm speed [km/h]808080
Gradeability (%)252525
Nominal voltage [V]650650650
Battery capacity [kW/h]42-84 | 59-11842-126 | 59-17784-168 | 118-236
On-board charger [kW]222222
Range-extender--solar panelssolar panels
Suspension systemAir & KneelingAir & KneelingAir & Kneeling
Brake systemECE 2-circuit + recuperationECE 2-circuit + recuperationECE 2-circuit + recuperation
Passenger capacity [pax @ 75 kg/person]up to 30up to 54up to 60
Door typeelectric, rapid-slidingelectric, rapid-slidingelectric, rapid-sliding
Floor configurationfull low floorfull low floorfull low floor
Wheelchair rampmanual or electricmanual or electricmanual or electric
Infotainmentall options availableall options availableall options available

The specification may include optional items and it subject to changes without prior notice.

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