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Special Purpsoe

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Special Purpose e-Vehicles Electric towing vehicles for special purposes
  • Product : SP e-Vehicles
  • Drivetrain : Electric
  • Application : On & off-road
  • Production: AT & SI

Product highlights

On the basis of eVersum's series vehicles, a number of special purpose e-Vehicles are conceptualizd and built by eVersum. The short wheel-base of the eTrain's towing vehicle and the possibility to use caterpillar drive, its narrow width, the high torque of the electric motors and the low center of gravity allow for the adaption of the vehicle for various applications. 

Among those applications are vehicles for the transport of crews in and out of tunnels or up the steep and snowy roads aside skiing slopes. Vehicles for rescue operations or missions in remote areas (utilizing solar or hydrogen auxiliary energy) belong to the scope of applications.

Please feel free to inquire with us for customized solutions.

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