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Touristic Train

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eTrain Electric on-road train for touristic applications
  • Product : e-Train
  • Drivetrain : Electric
  • Application : On-road
  • Production: AT & SI

Product highlights

eVersum's eTrain is Europe`s most advanced solar-powered, fully electric on-road train with an autonomous range of up to 120 km per charge at a speed up to 25 km/h. On-road homologated and all-terrain capable, the eTrain climbs slopes of 25%. Zero noise and emissions combine environmental sustainability with passenger comfort.


Drive System

The purpose-designed electric drive system of eVersum's eTrain fullfils the diverse demands this category of vehicle faces.   

Power train 2 electric motors with 15 kW (96V) each and 1:21 reduction boxes
Battery system MpCO (Li-Ion NMC) with either 66 or 88 kW/h and 8000 cylcles lifespan
Steering Electro-mechanical with adjustable steering column
Suspension Torsion spring suspension on all wheels
Braking system ECE-conform 2-circuit, air- actuated; multi-disc & recuperation on drive axle
Performance Up to 120 km autonomy at 75% load on flat terrain
  30 tons combined towing weight; Gradeability of up to 25%
MpCO Battery Pack  

The locomotive integrates both the driver's work place as well as the drive system including the power electronics.

Dimensions L: W: H:
Weight from ... kg to ... kg, depending on configuration
Steering Adjustable steering column with digital display
Dashboard eVersum's luxury dashbaord with full integration of relevant control units and auxiliary equipment
Driver's seat air suspended and electronically adjustable driver's seat
Doors Driver access doors on the right and the left
Windscreen Laminated and heated
Mirrors Digital mirror replacement system
HVAC Electric HVAC unit for the driver
Ventilation Electric window lifters and roof hatch
The eVersum luxury dashboard

Sitting capacity of up to 30 passengers per wagon // All-wheel steering // Audio speakers and push buttons for driver notification // on-board infotainment system // manually operated wheelchair ramp

Dimensions L: 3900 - 5400 - 6900; W: 1800 - 2200; H: 3000
Wagon composition Up to 3 short, 3 middle and up to 2 long wagons can be combined
Seating capacity The largest wagon can accommodate up to 30 sitting passengers
Seats & layout Various seats, benches and layouts can be offered
Roof options A closed roof, a panorama glass roof as well as a solar roof are offered
Steering All-wheel steering
Suspension Torsion spring suspension on all wheels
Braking system ECE-conform 2-circuit, air- actuated
Doors Manual or electric outside-swing doors
PRM Ramp An ECE-conform manual ramp is integrated on the last wagon of the composition

The provided specifications are subject to change without proior notice. Please feel free to inquire with us for customized solutions.

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