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Touristic Train

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eTrain Electric on-road train for touristic applications
  • Product : e-Train
  • Drivetrain : Electric
  • Application : On-road
  • Production: AT & SI

Product highlights

eVersum's eTrain is Europe`s most advanced solar-powered, fully electric on-road train with an autonomous range of up to 120 km per day at a speed up to 25 km/h. On-road homologated and all-terrain capable, the eTrain climbs slopes of 25%. Zero noise and emissions combine environmental sustainability with passenger comfort.



2-Wheel Drive with 2x 20kW motors (1500Nm, 96V, 3-phase)// Gradeability of up to 25 % // 66 or 88 kWh Lithium-ion battery packs // up to 120 km autonomous driving rang (75% load on flat terrain) // Power steering on front axle // electronic differential (torque vectoring) on rear wheels // independent drive axles with recuperation brakes (decouplable) // hopper windows including ventilation system // Passenger Announcement system


Sitting capacity of up to 30 passengers // All-wheel steering // Audio speakers and push buttons for driver notification // on-board infotainment system // manually operated wheelchair ramp


Steel Chassis with Carbon fibre & GRP lightweight body composite materials // Torsion spring suspension axles // Pneumatic brakes on all wheels and electrically activated parking brake // Manual or electric doors // Solar panels on the roof // Safety glass windows // Heating or AC system.

The provided specifications are subject to change without proior notice. Please feel free to inquire with us for customized solutions.

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