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electric city & airport shuttle

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eShuttle Electric Shuttle for on-road and airport applications
  • Product : e-Shuttle
  • Drivetrain : Electric
  • Application : On-road & airports
  • Production: AT & SI

Product highlights

Europe`s most advanced, fully electric shuttle bus with solar panel range extender. Zero noise and emission pollution with applications for inner-city public tranport or airport applications for crew, VIP or PRM transport.


Drive System & Performance

The purpose-designed electric drive system of eVersum's eShuttle enables its utilization in all kinds of environments.

Power train Electric motor with 177 - 225 kW, 650 V nominal and 1,430 Nm peak torque              
Battery system MpCO (Li-Ion NMC) or LTO with a cpacity ranging from 58 to 174 kW/h and 8,000 to 15,000 cylcles lifespan
Range extender Solar panels on the roof
Steering Electro-mechanical with adjustable steering column
Suspension Air suspension with highering / lowering system   
Braking system ECE-conform 2-circuit, air -actuated  disc brakes  & recuperation on drive axle
Performance Up to 300 km autonomy at 75% load on flat terrain
  Gradeability of up to 25%
MpCO Battery Pack  
Body & Equipment

eVersum's eShuttle is available in 3 lengths, serving various door and seat confirguations

Dimensions [m] L1: 5.40, L2: 6.90, L3: 8.40, W: 2.30, H: 3.20
GVW [t] From 7.5 to 12.0, depending on the chosen configuration
Floor configuration Fully walk-through low-floor
Dashboard eVersum's luxury dashbaord integrating the Continental DWP+ 
Driver's seat Air suspended and electronically adjustable driver's seat
Doors Plug-sliding door (2-leaf)
Windscreen Laminated and heated
Mirrors Digital mirror replacement system
HVAC Electric HVAC unit and seperate unit for the driver
Passenger seats All options available
The eVersum eShuttle in customer-specific design

Inner-city (last-mile) and inter-city public transport, Commuter and shuttle services of all kinds; Airport applications (Land-side and air-side incl. crew, VIP und PRM); Campus, parks and ressorts of all kinds; Special applications (hospitality)

The provided specifications are subject to change without proior notice. Please feel free to inquire with us for customized solutions.

Coming soon


Plan and sketches of the project.

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