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Public transport eco-system

Future public transport and the operation of electric city buses require a paradigm change and a holistic approach to both mobile and stationary equipment. A complementary digital environment as well as CAPEX friendly business models allow eVersum a rapid and efficient roll-out of state-of-the-art electric public transport solutions.


Turn-key Solutions

With an increased amount of dependencies and complexity, integrated turn-key solutions that ensure functional and operational safety are a decisive advantage. A joint analysis of the operator's requirements is the basis for tailored solutions that integrate mobile (electric buses) and stationary (charging and buffer stations) equipment as well the digital environment.


Pay-per-use Business models

To ease the transition from a diesel-based environment to an electric one and to eliminate the burden of initial investments, eVersum's pay-per-use business models enable existing and new operators to convert CAPEX (capital expenditure) into OPEX (operational expenditure). Consequentially, economically feasible long-term plans are not inhibited by short-term budgetary constraints.


Digital Environment

To optimize daily operations, service and maintenance and to minimize consequential costs, comprehensive software tools including integrated fleet & charging management systems are essential. In addition, digitally enabled solutions can generate additional revenue streams for the operator and local businesses.


Electric vehicles & equipment

At the core of an optimized public transport eco-system are state-of-the-art and highly efficient electric vehicles and charging solutions. eVersum's electric city buses and complementary vehicle categories are among the most consequently engineered and do therefore combine highest levels of efficiency and passenger comfort.


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